Hello Gorgeous, define your style with comfort regardless of your body shape and size.

Every woman’s body and soul are beautiful regardless of their age, shape, or size. You are absolutely gorgeous just the way you are, and we are here to remind you of that. Clothes reflect your personality which gives you the opportunity & confidence to show off your very own style. Size 8-22+.

We are based in the beautiful town of Scottsdale, Tasmania and have customers all around the country.

  • Yvonne D

    This is my favourite dress shop in Scottsdale. Love their clothes, they are so affordable and colourful. Love the reception you get when you walk in the door, so obliging and knowledgeable. I do love their loyalty card.

  • Karen H

    Great service, wonderful help with choosing the right style clothing for your body shape. Affordable to purchase and beautiful clothing, I will be going back. I love the clothes & the beautiful necklaces, purses etc, that I purchased today.

  • Donna J

    Just purchased 4 tops a couple of days ago and they arrived today. Brilliant service and beautiful clothing. I am already planning my next order. Thank you very much for the friendly service.

  • Callie Dress - Alfalfa

    View Producthttps://dekarajane.com.au/products/callie-dress-alfalfa

  • Broderie Top - Red

    View Producthttps://dekarajane.com.au/products/red-broderie-top-red

  • Zoey Collared Midi Dress - Blue/White Print

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